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For BLS Examination sites, change "Course Type" to BLS Examination, click "Go".  Click on desired exam number and email the Instructor for more information.  KBEMS does not schedule individuals into BLS Exams. Work directly with the contact listed.

All candidates needing to exam will complete the new Patient Management examination. Watch the BLS Examination Student Orientation video at homepage under BLS Examinations for more information.

As of June 19,2019, candidates who need to schedule a re-examination for BLS Skill exam may now search for exams scheduled for greater than seven (7) days prior to the exam date.  You are still required to work with the listed contact for the exam site.

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Empty Title Course Number Course Name Start Date Location
IC2019-158 EMT 08/26/2019 KS-106 Stafford Co. EMS - St. John
IC2019-138 EMT 08/20/2019 KS-012 FSCC BURKE ST CAMPUS
IC2019-139 EMT 08/26/2019 KS-010 HCC - Peel Center
IC2019-140 EMT 08/26/2019 KS-010 HCC - Main Campus
IC2019-141 EMT 08/21/2019 KS-010 HCC - Main Campus
IC2019-143 EMT 08/26/2019 KS-010 HCC - Newton Axtel Center
IC2019-144 EMT 08/22/2019 KS-010 HCC - Newton Axtel Center
IC2019-145 EMT 08/24/2019 KS-010 HCC - Newton Axtel Center
IC2019-146 EMT 08/15/2019 KS-010 HCC - Newton Axtel Center
IC2019-149 EMT 08/08/2019 KS-018 Barton Co. CC - Grandview Plaza Campus